Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated things. In fact looking back at the last post it’s from right around when basketball season started. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a basketball junkie. I spent a good part of the college and nba season wondering what sort of software could enhance my basketball addiction.

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D-Link DPH-128MS (Part 3)

I wanted to post a quick update to give a big thank you to Paul Bartholomew. He grabbed a copy of the firmware and started looking things over. He took a look at the other custom app the phone runs act_sip. The act_sip app runs a web server on tcp port 9999 and lets you log in and configure the phone. He noted that on the page that lets you upload a mp3 file it looked like the server was only checking for a content-type of audio/mpeg. Sure enough he was correct. I’m currently just using Tamper Data in Firefox to intercept the post and change the content type, but it works! I can now upload code to the phone.

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D-Link DPH-128MS (Part 2)

So i failed to mention with the first post. After I found the tftpsrv, the first thing I did was to run the file commond on it and I got back this

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D-Link DPH-128MS (Part 1)

At work a couple years back we got these fancy new VOIP phones. I immediately set out to figure out what else we might do with them. I unfortunately set that project aside but just recently picked it back up. I figured I would post the info I found out in case anyone else was interested. I decided to split this into multiple posts in an attempt to keep the posts a little shorter. Anyways this first post is about the firmware.

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