Game Boy boot sequence

The Nintendo Game Boy was first released in North America on April 21, 1989. It wasn’t the most powerful handheld of the time but certainly was the most popular. Over the years I’ve done some reverse engineering on Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handhelds but have never looked at the Game Boy. I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look into the boot ROM of the Game Boy and what it does at start up.

2 min read

Virus scanning on macOS

Inspired by a recent post on the MDSec blog, I wanted to take a deeper look at virus scanning on macOS. When I ran into issues getting McAfee kexts approved and loaded correctly it gave me a good excuse to dig deeper. In this post I will provide a brief overview of the different Kernel APIs available to virus scanning tools on macOS and specifically how McAffee’s implementation works. Finally I will cover some things that I think could be improved in the McAfee implementation.

21 min read

Type embedding in Go

The Go programming language does not support the concept of inheritance in the traditional object oriented sense. It does allow for type embedding which provides a powerful method for composition. When getting started with Go these patterns are not always obvious. This post provides a short example of how type embedding is used in one of the Go standard library structs.

2 min read

macOS Kernel Debugging

Getting started debugging the kernel can be very intimidating the first time you do it. There are various in depth guides that have been written over the years but they frequently get out of date. This post provides a short, concise, and up to date guide on getting started as easily as possible.

2 min read