macOS Kernel Debugging

Getting started debugging the kernel can be very intimidating the first time you do it. There are various in depth guides that have been written over the years but they frequently get out of date. This post provides a short, concise, and up to date guide on getting started as easily as possible.

2 min read

LLDB and Python

MacOSX doesn’t come with the most recent Python. It’s pretty normal to install a newer version either through brew or something else like the anaconda distribution. If you do install a newer version of Python you’re likely to encounter problems when trying to access scripting in LLDB.

2 min read

Phillips AJ6111 Radio Power Supply

Recently a friend gave me a broken Phillips AJ6111 radio. It was a neat little radio that you can mount under your kitchen cupboard. Only problem was that it didn’t work. I plugged it in, heard a click of a relay and the clock in front came on but none of the buttons seemed to do anything.

2 min read


Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated things. In fact looking back at the last post it’s from right around when basketball season started. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a basketball junkie. I spent a good part of the college and nba season wondering what sort of software could enhance my basketball addiction.

8 min read