D-Link DPH-128MS (Part 1)

At work a couple years back we got these fancy new VOIP phones. I immediately set out to figure out what else we might do with them. I unfortunately set that project aside but just recently picked it back up. I figured I would post the info I found out in case anyone else was interested. I decided to split this into multiple posts in an attempt to keep the posts a little shorter. Anyways this first post is about the firmware.

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Qt Reversing

I came across an application the other day that I was interested in taking a peek at under the hood. The first thing I did was to search through all the strings to see if there was anything interesting. Two things jumped out at me. The first was a lot of strings that looked like this: cClass1, cClass2, cClass3. Alright seems like it could be something written in C++. And then I also came across this string, qt-win-commercial-3.2.3 Alright so this information gives me a lot to start with. It is for sure C++ code and what’s more I now know what GUI toolkit it’s using. So first thing I usually do when looking at a C++ applications is to try to find the RTTI information since it makes identifying code much easier. I started by checking references to the class name strings I had found. Unfortunately I didn’t find any RTTI information. What I did find however were lots of functions that looked like this

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